21 'Strange' Maps

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 The Strange Maps blog is an eclectic collection of maps, diagrams, and cartoons. Some graphics featured on this blog are informative, some are creative, and others are completely bizarre.The website is maintained by an anonymous blogger. The posted graphic is often accompanied by informative notes. Here is a list of 21 maps that I found interesting:

Transit Map of the World's Transit Systems
Cities with urban rail systems.

Driving Orientation: A World Map
The origins of traffic driving on the right or left side of the road.

A Diagram of the Eisenhower Interstate System

Which interstates do not cross state lines?

"Slumless, Smokeless Cities"
How geometric can urban planning get?

A Texan's Map of the United States
Don't mess with this map.

The World As Seen From New York's 9th Avenue

A New York state of mind.

GDP Map of the USA
U.S. states labelled as countries with similar GDP.

The Nine Nations of North America
Regions with similar cultural and economic features.

The United Countries of Baseball
You can observe a lot by watching this map.

Shifting Like A Snake: Ancient Mississippi Courses
Nature the artist.

The Patients Per Doctor Map of the World
More effective than presenting data in a table.

World-Wide Web Map, From .ad to .za
What does Los Angeles have in common with Laos?

A Map of the Internet's Black Holes
Countries where internet use is censored or limited.

Online Communities Map (Not For Navigation)
Where do you live on this map?

A Subway Map of Web Trends 2.0
When are they going to release Web 3.0?

UFO Hotspots Map
See where extraterrestrials like to hang out.

The Most Generic Country Ever
A quick geography lesson.

Oh, Inverted World
What if all the land was water?

Where On Earth Was Middle-earth?
One map to rule them all.

Found: a Map of the Island in ‘Lost'
But can it help you make sense of the storyline?

A Simplified Map of London
The simplest map in the collection.

If you have any interesting graphics to share please send it to Strange Maps and help add to this fascinating collection.

Abhijeet Chavan is co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Planetizen.


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