Smaller Cities Make Plans for Sustainability

Sustainability is catching on in more cities than New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Ventura City Manager Rick Cole explains how his city's land use practice can impact California's climate change efforts.

"We can't reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the AB 32 goals without smarter growth-and we need regional collaboration to achieve it."

"The International City/County Managers Association calls sustainability "the issue of our age." Local governments are highly reactive-after all, we are the level of government closest to the people. But this is an issue we are going to have to be strategic about-even as we work to apply the strategic perspective to everything we do day to day."

"The problem is that key drivers of California's success aren't sustainable. We won't be able to count on cheap energy, economic advantage, and debt finance to sustain our success. History is littered with examples of success stories that ran out of gas-although we will be the first where that happens literally. As the late economist Herb Stein rightly observed, "That which is unsustainable eventually comes to a stop." We are not there yet, but we don't have the luxury of waiting to make major change, despite the fact that such changes cause anxiety and discomfort. Because if we don't change, that anxiety and discomfort is nothing compared to the future calamity that will confront our children due to our failure to act today."

Full Story: Ventura City Manager Rick Cole Surveys Green Clout of Local Government to Transform 'The Way We Live'


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