Seeking A Public Marketplace

New Yorkers are hoping that a recent temporary public market will eventually become permanent, providing a centralized place where residents can shop for local foods.

"Set up just outside one of the former Fulton Fish Market buildings by a nonprofit group called New Amsterdam Public, the one-day event was meant in part to build support for a permanent indoor public market selling pristine local food. Similar events are planned for the spring and summer."

"For shoppers, the little start-up represented hope that they might eventually have what many New York cooks dream of: a large, permanent market with local and seasonal produce, cheesemongers, butchers and a selection of staples like canned tomatoes, olive oil and granola."

"The place, whether at the historic old fish market, the new Penn Station or somewhere else, would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a stand where you could buy a good sandwich or an espresso and gossip with other people who like to talk about cooking."

"Some people who have been pondering the next generation of New York public markets think this will be a pivotal year in the slow climb toward such a space."

Full Story: Hungry for a Market, but Where?


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