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City Opposed As Struggling Neighbor Seeks Merger

Facing the possibility of not being able to afford service by county sheriffs, the city of West Park, Florida, is hoping to forfeit its cityhood and join up with neighboring Pembroke Park. But Pembroke Park is less than enthusiastic about a merger.

"The struggling city of West Park would give up its existence and fold into neighboring Pembroke Park in exchange for the prospect of financial stability, said West Park Mayor Eric Jones Jr."

"'No, we aren't looking to take them in. We are happy the way we are,' Pembroke Park Mayor Emma Shoaff said."

"Both cities have been at odds with the BSO over police and fire services for about a year and are expected to meet today to discuss a joint contract with shared costs."

"West Park has never had a contract with BSO, and Pembroke Park's deal ends Oct. 1. Officials from both municipalities claim they can't afford the sheriff's demands."

"'Right now, it's about survival,' Jones said. 'It's best to be part of a surviving city than to have an economic strain and maintain a struggling position.'"

Full Story: Struggling West Park seeks merger


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