Deceptive Planning Brings Wal-Mart To Disgruntled Community

This piece from The Roanoke Times laments the coming of a Wal-Mart Supercenter, and blasts the planning process that let a proposed mixed-use walkable town center transform into a "big-box juggernaut".

"I'm angry about the bait and switch the developers pulled. Fairmount Properties pitched a mixed-use, upscale project to the town. People envisioned a pedestrian-friendly retail center with trees and benches."

"The developers and their backers stoked those dreams while seeking a zoning change."

"Then they showed up with a Wal-Mart, low-end hangers-on, fast food and a sea of asphalt. The promised "traditional neighborhood" design vanished."

"I'm infuriated that the town council changed the zoning to allow the project without getting everything in writing first. In the rush to boost Blacksburg's economy, council members let this happen."

Full Story: Blacksburg's big-box juggernaut



Great! Welcome to Blacksburg.

It is truly a great day to see Wal-mart come to Blacksburg. The socialist professors and university staff who are most vocal in opposition to it, have had over a decade to "redevelop" downtown for mixed retail use. Guess what? It hasn't borne fruit. There are plenty of vacant store fronts downtown. One can't buy any clothes downtown, can't buy any electronics, et cetera. All that exists downtown now are bars and small trinket shops. Commercial gentrification has occurred, especially on the block around Main and College -- where landlords charge egregious rates for renting.

I for one am glad to see Wal-mart come to Blacksburg, it will give students more retail choice.

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