A Primer on Community Cohesion

The UK releases a summary report on the growing need in the country for greater 'Community Cohesion' -- or how to promote community citizenship based on greater knowledge and contact between different cultures.

From the report summary:

"Lives often do not seem to touch, let alone overlap. Ignorance can grow into fear, which can be exploited by extremist groups determined to undermine community harmony and foster divisions.

Some communities responded to this with vigour, others much less so. Honest dialogue is missing, and there is a reluctance to face issues in most institutions, including political parties and those in the voluntary sector. There is no commonality in what it means to be a citizen of a modern multi-racial Britain."

..."The review team propose a well resourced national debate to develop shared principles of citizenship. This should be heavily influenced by younger people... Principles should be used to develop approach to education, housing, regeneration, employment and other programmes."

Also featured is an interview with an authority on community cohesion issues, Ted Cantle. Cantle wrote the Government-commissioned report on the race riots of 2001 in Bradford, Burnley and Oldham. From the interview:

"Ted Cantle: Sport and arts projects have a very big impact in promoting cohesion. Largely because they're considered safe ground where communities can come together. And there's a universal understanding of them. For example, football is known throughout different communities throughout the world."

Thanks to Otis White

Full Story: Summary of 'Community cohesion: a report of the Independent Review Team chaired by Ted Cantle'


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