Governor To Live Off Food Stamps

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski has undertaken an experiment and social commentary stunt to survive on food stamps. He hopes his $21-a-week food budget will raise awareness of the plight of the low-income residents of his state.

"By volunteering to subsist on the average food-stamp recipient's budget of $21 per person per week, the governor and his wife have gotten lots of folks thinking about hunger in Oregon."

"The Oregon Food Bank got commitments from thousands of people who said they'd join the governor on lean rations this week. They include families, church congregations and workers from the Department of Human Services who want to better understand their clients' lives."

"That one chicken for $3.06 -- how many suppers will he have to eke out of that? His fresh fruit and vegetables for the week consist of two zucchinis and three bananas. He couldn't afford coffee. It's a cheap, dull assortment that likely will leave him hungry. And many of our neighbors do this 52 weeks a year."

Follow the link to see the list of what the governor was able to purchase with his $21 weekly food stamp allowance.

Full Story: Food-stamp 'stunt' provides food for thought


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