Carbon Emission Standards Requested In Planning Policy

Environmentalists and land use activists in the United Kingdom are calling on planners and policymakers to integrate standards that reduce carbon emissions within their official planning policies.

In a "mock" planning policy statement, environmentalists and land use activists have called on the UK government to include carbon emission standards with all land use planning regulations when it issues its official planning policy statement on climate change later this year.

"It says Regional Spatial Strategies should set out the principles for low and zero carbon development and actively promote low and zero carbon energy sources."

" 'It doesn't all come down to planning, but planners can make a hugely positive contribution towards moving us towards a zero carbon future and helping us adapt to harmful impacts such as flood risk, drought and heat waves,' Town and Country Planning Association chief executive Gideon Amos said."

Full Story: Planning 'must be climate-proofed'



Carbon Emission Planlning

What is the latest guess as to man's percentage of carbon emissions leading to Global Warming. Is it less than 5%?

More than carbon emissions planning

What is the latest guess as to man's percentage of carbon emissions leading to Global Warming. Is it less than 5%?

All of man's emissions are leading to global warming.

The baseline high for CO2 in the atmosphere is ~280 ppmv over the last ~650 K years. Current level is ~380 ppmv.

All of the overage is from man. Some carbon has been absorbed by terrestrial/marine ecosystems and is out of the atmosphere, but the warming has led to melting permafrost, which emits methane, a more potent greenhouse gas.

Here is the latest that we know.

In addition, land cover changes affect the atmosphere, by changing the albedo (farmland is lighter than forest, hence cooler), and by pavement absorbing heat which changes flow and precipitation patterns.



calculation of urban carbon footprint

Is there any mesures in practice to calculate the CO2 emmissions of a city, perhps a national stardard?
Especilly the method should focus on the city affairs, so theGuidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories from IPCC can not be added to the list. by the way it is too complex for a urban planning case.
the suggested model should include the CO2 source of land use change, transport, industry, construction, as well as CO2 from inhabitant's living activities.

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