Suburbs Are Making Canadians Fatter

A new study in Canada provides additional evidence linking the obesity epidemic in North America with suburban sprawl.

New data from Statistics Canada has renewed debate about the link between suburban lifestyles and obesity.

"The report Regional Differences In Obesity used data from the 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey, where interviewers measured the height and weight of 10,000 Canadians instead of relying on self-reporting."

It shows that Canadians living outside metropolitan areas have a higher probability of being overweight or obese.

"According to Statistics Canada, the national average for obesity was 23%, but for metropolitan areas it was 20%. Outside the cities the average rose to 29%."

Doctors stated that the differences were likely a result "of everything from the automation of farming to urban sprawl -- too many people relying on cars to get where they need and little motivation to walk."

Thanks to Joel S. Hirschhorn

Full Story: Suburban sprawl - Fattest Canadians live in suburbs, rural areas



Enough already

Can we quit posting articles on the same subject again and again and again? I would like to visit Planetizen and learn something... not read another article in a small paper that jumped on the "suburbs = obesity" bandwagon.


I see this as further evidence for the validity of the hypothesis, brisbane, rather than evidence for some sort of "bandwagon".

But I see your point, as I see the same 'Katrina' design bandwagon arties over and over too, and I don't click on them.



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