Model Smart Land Development Regulations

The APA has created 11 model smart growth codes, which are available for download.

The American Planning Association (APA) has created 11 model smart growth codes as part of its research project on smart land development. In the first phase of the project, APA drafted 11 model ordinances with commentary. A draft of those model ordinances is available for download.

"The model codes are ordinances and regulations that advance smart growth objectives in towns, cities, and counties. These objectives include encouraging mixed uses, preserving open space and environmentally sensitive areas, providing a choice of housing types and transportation modes, including affordable housing, and making the development review process more predictable. In addition, smart growth ordinances, since they involve providing more transportation options and more compact, mixed-use development, inevitably have public health implications; they encourage walking and bicycling, and more human interaction, with the potential to support more active, socially engaged lifestyles that results in better public physical and mental health."

"APA completed an extensive literature review of existing model ordinances and locally enacted ordinances. We also prepared a narrative on the structure of development codes and how to evaluate and update them, particularly in light of smart growth principles. The Phase I report contains the following 11 model smart growth ordinances with commentary:

  • Model Mixed-Use Zoning District Ordinance
  • Model Town Center Ordinance
  • Model Affordable Housing Density Bonus Ordinance
  • Model Unified Development Permit Review Process Ordinance
  • Model Transfer of Development Rights Ordinance
  • Model Cluster Development Ordinance
  • Model Pedestrian Overlay (POD) District
  • Model On-Site Access, Parking, and Circulation Ordinance
  • Model Shared Parking Ordinance
  • Model Street Connectivity Standards Ordinance"

    Thanks to Ashwani Vasishth

Full Story: Smart Growth Codes


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