Friday Funny: 'SurvivaBall' -- Gated Community of One

In another elaborate hoax, "The Yes Men" impersonators pose as representatives of Halliburton at a conference and present a device to "solve global warming." Attendees fail to catch on and ask serious questions.

"The Yes Men have struck again. On Tuesday, a man claiming to be a representative of Halliburton gave a presentation at the "Catastrophic Loss" conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. Conference attendees include leaders from the insurance industry. We speak with the Yes Men's Andy Bichlbaum, who took part in the hoax...The corporate impersonators went on to tell conference-goers that Halliburton had come up with a new invention, the SurvivaBall - an orb-like inflatable suit that would keep corporate managers safe from global warming."

Transcript, audio, and video available from Democracy Now. Also see photos, presentation, and video demonstration of the Survivaball in Related Links.

The Yes Men's 2004 hoax duped the BBC. (See" Planetizen: Elaborate Hoax Draws Attention To Environmental Disaster in Related Links).

Full Story: The Yes Men Strike Again: Group Poses As Halliburton Reps At “Catastrophic Loss” Conference


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