Six Ways Los Angeles Can Address Homelessness

Politicians, public officials and the public have come to a realization that Los Angeles needs to do something about homelessness. In a lengthy editorial, the Los Angeles Times suggests six attainable goals.

[On Oscars night], Los Angeles is the capital of glamour and style, but it is the capital of homelessness every day of the year...That may be about to change...a consensus has emerged among politicians, public officials and the public itself: Los Angeles must do something about homelessness...Over the last decade, many major U.S. cities have begun to slowly reduce their homeless populations. Los Angeles, however, is in paralysis...It does not have to be this way. Better solutions are out are some broad but attainable goals:

  • Build more low-income and homeless housing
  • Reform the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
  • Encourage regional solutions
  • Set up community courts
  • Enforce the law
  • Use Proposition 63 funds wisely"

...This problem has been ignored for decades, and fixing it will take years. It will also take hundreds of millions of dollars."

Full Story: Our City, Our Duty


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