North Las Vegas Planners Plan for Transit

Planners in one of the fastest growing cities in the country are proposing a transit-supportive land use plan that will link public investment in transit with private investment in land development.

North Las Vegas planners unveiled an innovative land use plan this week that they hope will result in pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development to accompany planned transportation improvements, including transit, along North Fifth Street. The planners presented their vision to the North Las Vegas Planning Commission on Wednesday, February 22, "revealing extensive, high-density retail and living areas and a mass-transit system linking downtown Las Vegas to the northern Las Vegas Beltway."

The North Fifth Street Transit-Supporive Concept Plan identifies five distinct planning districts along the corridor and outlines strategies for both land use and circulation within each district. Detailed code recommendations based on the principles of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) are also provided.

"Personally, I'm excited," Planning Commission Chairman Jay Aston said during Wednesday's meeting. "This could cause some activity in North Las Vegas that we don't currently have."

Thanks to Ned Thomas

Full Story: NLV Planners Link Development Plan to Roadway Project


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