New Orleans Devastation Emphasises Need For Planners

This general interest article is a primer on the urban planning profession, including expected qualifications and likely job responsibilities.

The recent destruction of much of New Orleans, as well as several other smaller cities and rural communities in the Gulf region, demonstrates the need for better layout and construction of urban areas. And, there is an occupational group whose mission is to do just that through design, planning, preservation and redevelopment. They're called city, urban or regional planners.

...According to the Department of Labor, the average planner earns over $50,000 annually. Those working in the larger cities or for the federal government agencies - or that have a lot of experience in certain specialties - can make considerably more. Some experienced planning professionals become consultants, often earning often more than $100,000."

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Full Story: Destruction of New Orleans underscores value of city planners


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