The Story Of A Historic Boston Thoroughfare

By utilizing photos, text, and a widespread community effort, 32 new porcelain panels at eight Silverline Bus stops will recount the history of Washington Street "one of Boston's most important -- and most neglected --thoroughfares."

Eight new Silverline bus station kiosks have added to an ongoing community preservation and revitalization effort that began in 1973, which was the year that concerned residents had the entire South End listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The latest bus station kiosk project is the result of a collaboration between local historians, artists, writers, youth groups, architects, city and state agencies, and institutions like the Boston Public Library. MBTA design director Barbara Boylan called the effort, "the most detailed historic narrative and visual exhibit on our system, created through the most extensive community involvement I've seen."

Thanks to Mike Lydon

Full Story: Historic Ride


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