Florida Lawmakers Seek To Cut Affordable Housing Cash

While Florida's real-estate boom has made affordable housing scarce and the state's income has increased, lawmakers seek to cut affordable housing funds.

The results of the House Bill, according to a study by the Florida Housing Coalition, would be a loss of more than 12,500 homes for low and moderate income Floridians and nearly 30,000 jobs tied to construction and repair of those homes. The House Bill would cap at $193 million the amount of documentary stamp tax that goes to the trust fund for affordable housing. In comparison, affordable housing projects were budgeted to receive $376 million his year. "It's a disgrace," said Jaimie Ross, Executive Director for Affordable Housing for 1000 Friends of Florida. The bill's sponsor, Rep. Fred Brummer, said $376 million is too much to automatically set aside for affordable housing. "Affordable housing is certainly a noble need," Brummer said. "We're not talking about something that isn't just. But what's the difference between the funding of classroom education and justifying their need, as opposed to affordable housing getting their money at the front gate, getting their money off the top?"

Thanks to Sheryl Stolzenberg

Full Story: Lawmakers push to slash affordable-housing cash


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