Clean Coal's Dirty Secret

Greenpeace says "clean coal" isn't what it is purported to be.

"Environment campaigner Greenpeace scored the Apec Clean Fossil Energy Working Group for misinforming the public, saying that it conjured up the oxymoron clean coal to keep the coal industry's dirty business alive...Greenpeace debunked the industry claim that a technology is on the way that will capture carbon dioxide (CO2) before it is emitted into the atmosphere. This is called carbon capture and sequestration (CCS), a technology that will be used to capture CO2 where it will be transported and then stored somewhere underground or in the seabed with the goal of isolating CO2 from the atmosphere for a long period of time...The problem with this industry is it is peddling a terribly dirty technology today, then promises that it will clean it's act in the next 20 years."

Thanks to Sustainablog

Full Story: Greenpeace: Clean coal not possible


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