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World Slum Population Explosion

UN-HABITAT has issued a report that gives startling statistics on the increase in substandard living conditions in developing--and developed countries.

"The population of the world's slums will double to two billion people within 30 years, presenting a major threat to global stability unless drastic measures are taken urgently, the United Nations says....In a report titled The Challenge of Slums, the United Nations Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) has called on governments around the world to recognize the scale and seriousness of the looming crisis....Asia already had 550 million slum dwellers or 60 percent of the world's total, Africa had 187 million slum dwellers or 20 percent of the total and Latin America had 128 million slum dwellers or 14 percent of the total. Even in the developed world there were 54 million slum dwellers or six percent of the world's total....Despite all the evidence of what was happening, the report said there was little or no planning to accommodate the mass of people pouring into cities seeking a better life."

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Full Story: UN Warns of Explosion in World Slum Population


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