A Critique Of Smart Growth Critics

The Victoria Transportation Policy Institute issues a highly detailed critique of the most common Smart Growth criticisms.

The paper "evaluates criticisms of Smart Growth land use policies. It defines the concept of Smart Growth, contrasts it with sprawl, and describes common Smart Growth strategies. It examines various criticisms of Smart Growth, including the claim that it does not reflect consumer preferences, infringes on freedom, increases traffic congestion and air pollution, reduces housing affordability, results in socially undesirable levels of density, increases public service costs, requires wasteful transit subsidies and is unjustified. This analysis indicates that many claims by critics reflect an incomplete understanding of Smart Growth, and inaccurate analysis... This paper was written to provide technical background for the "Smart Growth Pro or Con" debate between VTPI Executive Director Todd Litman and Wendell Cox at the 2nd Urban Street Symposium held in Anaheim, California, July 30, 2003." Editor's note: The link below is to a PDF document.

Thanks to Michael D. Setty

Full Story: Evaluating Criticism of Smart Growth


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