Can State And City Governments Afford SUVs?

City and state governments, once ethusiastic purchasers of SUVs as extravagent perks for officials, are kicking the gaz-guzzling habit as face budget deficits.

"In Massachusetts, Gov. Mitt Romney has canceled the gas-guzzling habit as he deals with the state's $3 billion budget deficit. Romney has asked why the state should fund a fleet of SUVs when regular sedans, which sell for less than half the price of SUVs, and which are considerably cheaper to run, maintain and insure, would equally suffice...Philadelphia is believed to have one of the largest city fleets of SUVs in the nation...One example of unnecessary SUV activity was found at Philadelphia International Airport, where, until recently, a Hummer H2 was being used to scare birds off the runway...Pennsylvania state law designates SUVs as passenger vehicles rather than trucks. They are therefore not subject to laws prohibiting trucks from entering the park, despite being exempt from the stricter federal fuel consumption and emissions standards imposed on cars."

Thanks to Michael Dudley

Full Story: Guzzling Down


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