The New York Times editorial board has published on op-ed in support of Mayor Bill de Blasio's ambitious targets for affordable housing in New York City over the next ten years.
Yesterday   New York Times
<p>Urban design, housing for homeless people, and planning for decreased population are highlighted in the New York Times Magazine's annual survey of innovative ideas.</p>
Dec 12, 2006   The New York Times
<p>Land has been purchased for what will be Oakland's fourth cohousing project, a collection of about 33 housing units with an underlying purpose of cooperation and community. Similar community housing projects are cropping up across the country.</p>
Dec 12, 2006   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Buyers from other parts of the country are threatening to snap up the supply of homes before they can get to storm victims.</p>
Dec 11, 2006   The Clarion-Ledger
<p>The "housing bubble" isn't the only threat facing the U.S. economy: the problem is compounded by the securitization of risky mortgages on international money markets -- which are going to be in trouble as defaults increase.</p>
Dec 11, 2006   Money Week
As part of a monthly series, we present a summary and analysis of some of the most interesting news to appear on Planetizen over the month of November 2006. This is the transcript of an audio segment that originally aired on the nationally syndicated radio program "Smart City". Exclusive
Dec 11, 2006  By Nate Berg
<p>The city's planning director, along with several other department heads, challenge a proposal from the city council to require developers to set aside affordable units.</p>
Dec 10, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
<p>Massive Israeli demolitions of "illegal" Palestinian homes will mean the destruction of communities that predate the founding of Israel.</p>
Dec 9, 2006   Al Bawaba
<p>So-called "intentional communities" are a small, albeit growing trend in the housing market. Could co-housing be making a comeback?</p>
Dec 8, 2006   Mortgage News Daily
<p>Geoff Palmer, a successful developer who has constructed hundreds of new apartments in downtown Los Angeles, has consistently fought the city's attempts to force him to include affordable units in his developments.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
<p>Want a house with urban feel without the urban strife? Developers are building new loft projects outside of big-city downtowns that cater to people who want loft living but prefer a more suburban life.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   St. Louis Post-Dispatch