Has George Lucas discovered the ultimate anti-NIMBY weapon? Hint: It's not a lightsaber
3 hours ago   Rooflines
<p>With Manhattan rents skyrocketing and vacancies dropping, many renters are resorting to creative, and often questionable living arrangements. Builders have shied away from rentals and gone into condos while potential buyers are choosing to rent.</p>
May 11, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Political opposition may stand in the way of Oregon's plans to raise money for affordable housing by increasing the fees paid when filing real estate documents by more than 100%.</p>
May 11, 2007   The Register-Guard
<p>The supply of housing is being overpowered by demand in England, and government officials are hoping to establish measures that would ease the process of building new homes and increase the amount of affordable housing.</p>
May 11, 2007   The Guardian
<p>Manufactured-home communities, long vulnerable to displacement at the whim of park owners, are working with nonprofit partners to increase resident ownership of the land.</p>
May 10, 2007   Shelterforce Online
<p>When luxury condo developers started buying up properties on W Street in D.C., the low-income tenants who already lived there decided to get in the game.</p>
May 9, 2007   Shelterforce Online
<p>A development company has agreed to donate 4,000 acres of land to create a large, international airport in the Florida Panhandle, a controversial move they hope will bring enough people and economic activity to support the houses they plan to build.</p>
May 9, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Developers plan to build an 'iconic' 76-story structure in downtown Los Angeles. It would be the tallest residential tower west of Chicago and dramatically alter L.A.'s skyline.</p>
May 9, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>In an effort to development more moderately priced housing, developers around Sacramento are squeezing more homes per acre and moving garages to the back alley, pleasing some planners and conservationists.</p>
May 8, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Seattle-based affordable housing developers use the city's green building standards and grant programs to get many affordable housing projects started in the city and beyond.</p>
May 7, 2007   The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
<p>This video from <em>Architectural Record</em> looks at a new trend among developers and architects to resurrect old churches and religious buildings into condominiums.</p>
May 5, 2007   Architectural Record