The trend toward the urban has been documented from every possible angle, but a recent op-ed wonders whether it will be possible for the federal government to make a course correction that ceases the endless subsidies for the suburbs.
31 min ago   New York Times
Planners and developers are clashing over the design of Vancouver's Olympic village for the 2010 games. Some say the developers haven't gone far enough to achieve the 3 E's of sustainability.
Sep 24, 2006   The Vancouver Sun
Despite a scandal-plagued post-Clinton-Cabinet professional career, Henry Cisneros has emerged as one of the nation's top affordable-housing developers. Now, "traditional" development companies are also edging into the market.
Sep 23, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
An animation by Mark Fiore reviews the New Orleans rebuilding effort.
Sep 22, 2006   Mark Fiore
Developers are increasingly investing in remote locales as price appreciation slows in traditionally developed areas.
Sep 22, 2006   International Herald Tribune
A referendum opposing a redevelopment plan signed by more than 33,000 San Francisco voters has been ruled invalid, angering many who feel that the city is bending rules to appease developers and gentrify their neighborhood.
Sep 22, 2006   San Francisco Bay Gueardian
As the price of land increases, many real estate developers are looking at flat-roof designs as a means of increasing the square footage of houses, much to the chagrin of historical preservationists and municipal officials.
Sep 21, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
A proposed land levy in the UK that is intended to raise funding for local governments has been shown in recent reports to fail to increase the amount of money trickling down to local municipalities.
Sep 20, 2006   Contract Journal
Revision to a Maryland state homebuying assistance program is catching some resistance from smart growth advocates as changed language seems to go against the original anti-sprawl intent.
Sep 20, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
The concept of sprawl and its attributes are broken down in simple terms in this Q&A with Indiana University Professor John Ottensmann.
Sep 20, 2006   Journal and Courier
With small lots and small houses, one Florida home builder is taking an unconventional approach to developing affordable housing.
Sep 19, 2006   Bradenton Herald