Seattle tenants win in rejecting public housing's proposal to quadruple rent.
5 hours ago   Rooflines
The merit of rent regulation is a recurring debate in New York City. On one side are tenant advocates arguing that rent regulation is desperately needed to help poorer households, maintain socioeconomic diversity in New York City, and prevent the City from becoming the preserve of Opinion
Mar 5, 2007   By Lance Freeman
<p>The Bayside neighborhood's economic, cultural and racial diversity is reflected in housing types, restaurants, scrap yards and grocery stores.</p>
Mar 5, 2007   The New York Times
<p>While condos and co-ops share many attributes, confusion often persists about how the two function.</p>
Mar 2, 2007   The Motley Fool
<p>Architect Helmut Jahn's design for a new single-room occupancy building on the edge of Chicago's former Cabrini Green project gets high marks, but some criticize the cost of using high-end architects for affordable housing.</p>
Mar 2, 2007   The Chicago Tribune
<p>A new HUD report estimates that there are three-quarters of a million homeless Americans.</p>
Mar 1, 2007   Yahoo! News
<p>A State legislature is proposing a bill that would essentially gut Austin's recently passed 'McMansion' ordinance.</p>
Mar 1, 2007   Austin American Statesman
<p>The city's planning commission wants to use "incentive zoning" to encourage the development of taller buildings and generate revenue for the city's affordable housing fund.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The Seattle Times
<p>New York Times writer Chistopher Gray chronicles the history and recent renovation of New York City's 'brownstone Grand Canyon' on East 93rd street.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Designed by architect William McDonough, a pair of towers recently approved for downtown Chapel Hill will be the first mixed-use development to meet LEED Gold standards in North Carolina.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   The News & Observer
<p>More common sense is needed in creating and managing the litany of federal, state and local policies intended to create more affordable housing.</p>
Feb 27, 2007   Florida Trend