The Google Bus protests got the media’s attention, and the Ellis Act has politician’s attention, but the Bay Area’s current tech-housing-gentrification crisis is a big, complicated mess.
7 hours ago   TechCrunch
An editorial from a building industry leader criticizes the Australian government's simplistic thinking on increasing the production of affordable housing.
Sep 27, 2006   The Age
While the news from the U.S. real estate market is mostly negative, and there is disagreement about how serious the trend is and what the long-term implications are, there appears to be little chance of it influencing the mid-term elections.
Sep 27, 2006   Thomas Paine's Corner
Recent data released by the National Association of Realtors shows existing home prices falling for the fifth consecutive month in August.
Sep 26, 2006   The Washington Post
A drab World War II-era public housing project in Seattle has been replaced with what local officials hope will be an environmentally- and economically-sustainable community.
Sep 26, 2006   The Seattle Times
Designed in the 1960s as part of a wave of largely unsuccessful urban renewal projects across the U.S., this continuously thriving mixed-income and racially integrated community just east of downtown Detroit stands as a model of good urban design.
Sep 25, 2006   The Detroit Free Press
Atlanta's proposed transit and recreation loop using largely abandoned rail lines as a spur to economic development was dealt a damaging blow as a suburban developer backed out of plans to build condo towers along the line.
Sep 25, 2006   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Planners and developers are clashing over the design of Vancouver's Olympic village for the 2010 games. Some say the developers haven't gone far enough to achieve the 3 E's of sustainability.
Sep 24, 2006   The Vancouver Sun
Despite a scandal-plagued post-Clinton-Cabinet professional career, Henry Cisneros has emerged as one of the nation's top affordable-housing developers. Now, "traditional" development companies are also edging into the market.
Sep 23, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
An animation by Mark Fiore reviews the New Orleans rebuilding effort.
Sep 22, 2006   Mark Fiore
Developers are increasingly investing in remote locales as price appreciation slows in traditionally developed areas.
Sep 22, 2006   International Herald Tribune