July 11, 2002, 10am PDT
A consortium in Kuwaiti is planning to construct two distinct palm-shaped islands with residential, commercial and tourism elements.
Mena Report
July 10, 2002, 5am PDT
The shopping center sector is entering its third phase of consolidation, with investors gunning for strip centers and B-C malls.
July 9, 2002, 7am PDT
The 'suburban frontier' is rapidly closing for the nation's first suburban city.
The New York Times
July 9, 2002, 6am PDT
An urban growth boundary can exert upward pressure on the rate of increase of housing prices.
Fannie Mae Foundation
July 8, 2002, 10am PDT
Do high-profile developers get breaks on safety rules? The Los Angeles Times reports on a prominent L.A. developer.
The Los Angeles Times
July 8, 2002, 9am PDT
Revitalization plan for Detroit calls for the demolition of abandoned buildings. But what goes up in their place?
The New York Times
July 5, 2002, 7am PDT
Farmer Mac, the entity created by Congress to improve the availability ofmortgage credit to rural America, is being analyzed by the GeneralAccounting Office (GAO) regarding reports made about the stockholder-ownedcorporation.
The New York Times
July 3, 2002, 6am PDT
There is a growing trend among residents in the Puget Sound area to relocate to more dense and walkable cities.
The Seattle Times
July 2, 2002, 12pm PDT
A Chicago marketing executive plans to build 80 residential "homes" in a 40-story high rise -- doggie corridors and all.
Crain's Chicago Business
July 2, 2002, 5am PDT
A new public art project in Ohio has kids using software and digital cameras to re-design their city.
July 1, 2002, 11am PDT
A study by Harvard University predicts continued growth in the national housing market.
The Washington Post
July 1, 2002, 8am PDT
A new index called the The Housing Cycle Barometer identifies metropolitan areas with overpriced housing markets.
Housing Zone
July 1, 2002, 12am PDT
Recent developments in Portland and Oregon suggest that smart growth is having only a modest effect, while driving down housing affordability, increasing traffic congestion and losing popularity in neighborhoods.
Wendell Cox
June 27, 2002, 11am PDT
Residents of Garden Grove protest ambitious redevelopment plan.
The Los Angeles Times
June 26, 2002, 5am PDT
REIS, Inc. reports on the Los Angeles retail market in light of secession.
June 25, 2002, 8am PDT
"Minority Report," Steven Spielberg's new thriller, offers a vision of what Washington would look like in the year 2054.
The Washington Post
June 24, 2002, 6am PDT
With housing prices on the rise, where are the best places where buying a home is still affordable?
June 24, 2002, 5am PDT
William Fulton argues that Los Angeles' Alameda Corridor is an example of the most important kind of development cities can accomplish.
June 24, 2002, 12am PDT
Enrollments are up at the nation's top planning schools, but will the trend continue?
Dowell Myers
June 22, 2002, 9am PDT
Beaches and unspoiled bays on Florida's Panhandle will be transformed by a vast development by the state's largest private landowner and developer.
The New York Times