“Can Paradise be Planned?” asks Allison Arieff in a recent op-ed. The article discusses new books by architect A.M. Stern and photographer Christoph Gielen to look for reasons for optimism with regard to suburbs and planning.
Yesterday   New York Times
<p>More Katrina evacuees went to Texas than any other state except Louisiana. A year later, many of them are in limbo.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   Shelterforce Magazine
<p>The Baltimore City Council is pushing forward on a comprehensive plan for the city to create more affordable housing.</p>
Oct 11, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
Could a severe housing market slowdown projected for more than 100 US metropolitan areas lead to a country-wide recession?
Oct 9, 2006   Yahoo News
<p>HUD claims that Manassas, Virginia, illegally targeted Hispanic households and the city has failed to settle complaints over an ordinance regarding overcrowding. The ordinance has since been repealed.</p>
Oct 9, 2006   The Washington Post
Planetizen talks with city planning officials to get an insider's perspective on the planning issues facing cities. The first subject of this question-and-answer series is New York City Department of City Planning Director Amanda M. Burden. Exclusive
Oct 9, 2006  By Nate Berg
After decades of ill-designed public housing that kept a clear line between the low-income and everyone else, a new movement is collecting momentum for more accurately integrating public housing into neighborhoods while protecting their character.
Oct 8, 2006   The Providence Journal
Vancouver's report card has just been issued, and while the Canadian city has received high marks in such areas as desirability and ethnic diversity, the city is on the verge of failing in terms of its homelessness and housing affordability.
Oct 7, 2006   The Vancouver Sun
A new report has been released that argues for the creation of mixed-income and mixed-race housing in transit-oriented developments.
Oct 6, 2006   Center for Transit-Oriented Development
The largest real estate deal in American history is underway on the lower east side of Manhattan: 80 acres and 110 buildings from 14th to 23rd Streets overlooking the East River in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. Bids may reach $5 billion.
Oct 6, 2006   The New York Times
A new report by the Vancouver Foundation gives the city high marks for livability, but identifies housing and poverty as persistent challenges.
Oct 6, 2006   The Vancouver Sun