An Atlanta City Councilmember and local advocates are pushing for the city to join the ranks of cities that have allowed tiny houses as a solution to housing challenges.
13 hours ago   Atlanta Magazine
<p>A San Francisco lawyer and housing activist questions the paper's focus on problematic street behavior and on law enforcement as the only way to deal with the city's homeless population.</p>
Oct 14, 2007   BeyondChron
<p>Cities across the country are passing measures to limit the size of new homes -- an attack on the much-derided "McMansionization" of America. Restrictions range from outright bans to innovative cap-and-trade schemes.</p>
Oct 12, 2007   Architectural Record
<p>City officials in Los Angeles have come to a settlement with homeless advocates that will allow anyone to sleep on the sidewalk until the city builds 1,250 affordable housing units, which could take up to five years.</p>
Oct 12, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>The development of more than 200 units of affordable housing intended for teachers and public school officials has been announced in the South Bronx.</p>
Oct 11, 2007   New York Daily News
<p>In the struggling city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, sub-prime mortgage foreclosures are threatening the community's stability and the longterm viability of the city's minority and working class neighborhoods.</p>
Oct 10, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Swedish retailer Ikea has announced the availability of 90 pre-fabricated eco-freindly homes, complete with a plot of land in the English town of Gateshead. The house-land combos start at $200,000, and preference is given to low-income buyers.</p>
Oct 10, 2007   The Guardian
<p>The housing bubble helped the city spur redevelopment of its central core. With the downturn, officials wonder if Baltimore can hold onto the progress it made towards revitalization.</p>
Oct 5, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Home sales and prices continue to drop to new lows.</p>
Oct 3, 2007   The New York Times
<p><em>Forbes Magazine</em> has released a list of the most stable housing markets in America. Included in the list are Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.</p>
Oct 3, 2007   Forbes
<p>Levittown, Long Island held a 60th birthday bash for itself on Sept. 30, complete with parades, to celebrate its creation from a potato field for GIs returning from World War II. It would go on to become America's iconic suburb.</p>
Oct 2, 2007   Yahoo News