The ugly story of the fence between a public housing community called New Haven and the nearby "middle class" community of Hamden, Connecticut will soon be over, but not because Hamden suddenly gained enlightenment.
9 hours ago   New York Times
<p>A traditional neighborhood development planned near St. Petersburg, Florida, is having trouble getting approved because its proposed density is twice as high as the city wants to allow.</p>
Jan 1, 2007   The St. Petersburg Times
<p>Home prices in the British capital have made London the most expensive place to buy a home, supplanting New York City.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   San Jose Mercury News
<p>Many Iraqi families have struggled to find safe, decent and affordable shelter since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime.</p>
Dec 29, 2006   The New York Times
<p>Studies tracking subjects in HUD's Moving to Opportunity program have shown surprising results. While girls thrive and adults feel safer after moving to more affluent neighborhoods, boys actually fare worse. And incomes don't rise.</p>
Dec 28, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
<p>Several cities in the Pacific Northwest are encouraging the construction of smaller homes to help deal with the shortage of affordable housing.</p>
Dec 28, 2006   Business Week
<p>Concerned that promised replacement housing will never materialize, displaced residents and low-income housing advocates are fighting the planned demolition of the city's public housing projects.</p>
Dec 27, 2006   International Herald Tribune
<p>The Southern California city of Simi Valley is opposing recommendations from a regional association of governments that suggest the city should increase its housing stock. The city council sees the increase as unrealistic, citing a lack of land.</p>
Dec 25, 2006   Simi Valley Acorn
<p>The wide range of housing prices in a Milwaukee suburb -- offering affordability for all -- is no accident.</p>
Dec 21, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>In London, a housing crunch is creating a new trend of converting old office spaces into housing. The majority of the city's new housing developments are actually old office spaces.</p>
Dec 21, 2006   Times of London
<p>From city, neighborhood, block to building-scales, Stephen Mouzon offers ideas to offset high housing costs and economic segregation.</p>
Dec 20, 2006   New Urban News