History / Preservation

So the Super Bowl is actually being hosted down the road in Santa Clara, but San Francisco has been Super Bowl City all week. Luckily a feature by The Guardian offers a chance to compare The City's history with its present.
22 hours ago   The Guardian
Planners in Milwaukee have announced a slate of plaza and public space improvement projects that they hope will help catalyze urban regeneration in the city.
Jul 2, 2010   Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Kirsten Hively of the Architectural League of New York stumbled upon some relics of the 1964 New York World's Fair and became obsessed with understanding their history. The Candela Structures, as they are known,
Jul 1, 2010   Urban Omnibus
Jane Jacobs, often viewed as the patron saint of the progressive urban planning world, maybe be given too much credit, according to this piece from Andrew Manshel.
Jun 30, 2010   The Wall Street Journal
A 20-stool burger stand in Los Angeles could be eligible for historic preservation status, much to the dismay of the city's Community Redevelopment Agency that shelled out over $5million for the surrounding land.
Jun 29, 2010   The Los Angeles Times
Architect Christos Floros of Athens, Greece says that the city is constantly facing "architectural cleansing" as war, rapid population growth, and greed sweep away historic buildings.
Jun 25, 2010   The Naked City
The "Bilbao Effect" is the apotheosis of the notion that a struggling post industrial city can be regenerated through set-piece art and design. But Frank Gehry, the architect of the Guggenheim, suspects the gallery was only part of a larger gestalt.
Jun 23, 2010   Financial Times
Radar imaging has revealed the layout of a now-underground ancient Egyptian city named Avaris.
Jun 22, 2010   Guardian
Most tourism advocates support the industry because it spurs economic development, but their decisions often destroy the very characteristics of place that make the place attractive. Exclusive
Jun 21, 2010  By Dan Shilling
Urban designer Paolo Soleri - best known for his utopian experiment Arcosanti - also designed an open air theater for the Santa Fe Indian School. The campus wants to demolish it, but preservationists are up in arms.
Jun 18, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper
The U.S. Geological Survey has released a highly detailed map of vegetative land-cover in America, which is expected to assist officials in efforts to preserve wildlife habitats.
Jun 16, 2010   EurekAlert