History / Preservation

Adam Rogers chronicles Los Angeles' long and intimate relationship with the electric light. The city's recent choice to adopt LED streetlights has transformed a classic nighttime into something new.
2 days ago   BOOM: A Journal of California
Most tourism advocates support the industry because it spurs economic development, but their decisions often destroy the very characteristics of place that make the place attractive. Exclusive
Jun 21, 2010  By Dan Shilling
Urban designer Paolo Soleri - best known for his utopian experiment Arcosanti - also designed an open air theater for the Santa Fe Indian School. The campus wants to demolish it, but preservationists are up in arms.
Jun 18, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper
The U.S. Geological Survey has released a highly detailed map of vegetative land-cover in America, which is expected to assist officials in efforts to preserve wildlife habitats.
Jun 16, 2010   EurekAlert
At a forum in Suzhou on Sunday, scholars urged city planners to do something about the monotony of contemporary buildings shooting up in cities across China.
Jun 15, 2010   People's Daily Online (English)
Embassies are a critical diplomatic tool, but their original emphasis on representing a state has given way to defending the diplomats inside.
Jun 12, 2010   Sustainable Cities Collective
<em>Fast Company</em> points to a project at the University of Cape Town which seeks to create 3-D renderings of Africa's endangered monuments and heritage sites.
Jun 10, 2010   Fast Company
A new documentary about the architect and planner Daniel Burnham - naturally called 'Make No Little Plans' - arrives in theaters this week.
Jun 9, 2010   The Archimedia Workshop
The Egyptian capital is planning a makeover, turning the downtown into a pedestrian-only zone in the spirit of Europe's historic cities in order to attract tourism.
Jun 8, 2010   Egypt Today
Seeing a marked decline in the amount of bookstores in the traditional cultural center of Paris, the city began a program to actively lure them back.
Jun 8, 2010   Guardian
The 150-year-old Staten Island Railway is one of the NYC Transit Authority's little known gems. There's no charge if you travel between any of the 20 intermediary stations. It serves the St. George Ferry Terminal for the ferry trip to Manhattan.
Jun 5, 2010   Staten Island Real-Time News