A study recently published in the Journal of the American Planning Association finds that the APA's definition of "great neighborhoods" might be leaving low-income and minority populations behind.
21 hours ago  By Emily Talen
An op-ed describes a paradox produced by the ongoing debates over density while also presenting potential solutions for overcoming the resulting impasse.
Aug 6, 2015  By Gerhard Mayer
Sean O'Malley and Andrew Watkins, of the landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm SWA, describe the benefits of a design process that empowers people and communities to participate.
Aug 4, 2015  By Sean O'Malley and Andrew Watkins
Josh Whitehead, planning director of the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Planning & Development (OPD), discusses competing with suburbs, implementing a new zoning code, and redeveloping, for a second time, historic streetcar corridors.
Jul 31, 2015  By Josh Stephens
Planners will be presented with new challenges and opportunities in a new era of data-enhanced government.
Jul 20, 2015  By Kendra L. Smith and Kevin C. Desouza
An op-ed describing the public health benefits of CEQA reform and urging California's leaders to finalize the end of "Level of Service" as a measure of project impacts.
Jul 14, 2015  By Benjamin D. Winig
In this interview for the "Planners Across America" series, Ken Bowers, AICP, discusses how the city of Raleigh will rely on the city's new comprehensive plan and development code to accommodate 100,000 new residents by 2030.
Jul 6, 2015  By Josh Stephens
In this interview for the "Planners Across America" series, Denver Planning Director Brad Buchanan details Denver's efforts to reactivate the urban core with strong planning, transit investments, and new residential and commercial developments.
Jun 22, 2015  By Josh Stephens
A Planetizen review of "City by City: Dispatches from the American Metropolis," edited by Keith Gessen and Stephen Squibb, finds too much to fault in the book's essay about Los Angeles.
Jun 16, 2015  By Josh Stephens
Here's a strange idea that just might work: viewing the planet from afar might offer the perspective necessary to care for and protect our place in the universe.
Jun 9, 2015  By James Brasuell
Amid growing skepticism, an international gathering examines the useful benefits for an age of critical urban challenges.
Jun 3, 2015  By Michael Mehaffy