June 14, 2003, 9am PDT
The Western Riverside Council of Governments is selected for additional responsibilities -- habitat planning.
North County Times Escondido-Oceanside-Vista
June 13, 2003, 5am PDT
A study links land use and climate change; in the U.S. land use is a local issue while climate is handled at the national and international level.
United Press International
June 12, 2003, 11am PDT
Florida's largest private landowner has many developments planned for an environmentally sensitive area.
June 10, 2003, 11am PDT
Groundwater stores -- the source of water for nearly 2 billion people -- are quickly being depleted.
The Guardian Unlimited
June 8, 2003, 11am PDT
The Shenandoah National Park is threatened by pollution.
The Washington Post
June 8, 2003, 9am PDT
The UN highlights the severity of the world's water crisis.
National Geographic
June 5, 2003, 8am PDT
Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine sue the EPA, arguing that the Clean Air Act requires the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide.
The Boston Globe
June 3, 2003, 1pm PDT
Green technology has been promoted as an environmentally responsible and fiscally sound alternative, but do green technologies really make good business sense?
Los Angeles Regional Technology Alliance
June 2, 2003, 1pm PDT
In new tactic, environmentalists in Arizona try to outbid ranchers to protect state land.
The Christian Science Monitor
June 2, 2003, 11am PDT
Flooding begins at China's Three Gorges project. Critics say the project will cause massive environmental damage.
BBC News
June 2, 2003, 9am PDT
Water levels have started to rise in China's massive Three Gorges project, one of the most ambitious engineering projects ever involving the resettlement of up to two million people. Is this an environmental catastrophe in the making?
The Independent
June 2, 2003, 7am PDT
Are stream buffers effective or is Fairfax County, VA, using environmental ordinances to slow development?
The Washington Post
June 1, 2003, 9am PDT
Conservation groups have learned that the Bush Administration is planning to undermine one of the most important protections offered by the federal Endangered Species Act: critical habitat designation.
Natural Resources Defense Council
May 31, 2003, 7am PDT
The Playa Vista development in Los Angeles is a case study in how environmental groups can be coopted by industry.
May 29, 2003, 5am PDT
How non-profits can lobby for environmental causes and make a difference in the next election.
E-The Environmental Magazine
May 29, 2003, 4am PDT
Environmentalists are aghast at recent changes in national environmental policy.
USA Today
May 28, 2003, 1pm PDT
Farmers who manage their land for hunting help wildlife conservation in Central England according to a new study.
National Geographic
May 28, 2003, 6am PDT
The radical environmentalist group, Environmental Liberation Front, burned two houses near Ann Arbor. 'ELF, no sprawl' was spray-painted on a neighboring house.
Associated Press
May 27, 2003, 9am PDT
As another summer vacation season begins this Memorial Day weekend, several former park-service executives voice fears that the entire national-park system is menaced by a hidden crisis.
The Seattle Times
May 25, 2003, 7am PDT
The Michigan state Senate considers claim to "groom" beaches.
Michigan Land Use Institute