According to a new EIA report, the cost advantages of liquefied natural gas make it an attractive alternative to diesel fuel for major U.S. freight railroad companies. Hybrid diesel-electric locomotives on order for 5 states will power HSR routes.
54 min ago   Progressive Railroading
<p>In this column, APA Executive Director Paul Farmer expounds on the other professions that are inappropriately making planning decisions, and discusses how New Urbanists are close to repeating the mistakes of other modernist movements.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   Planning
<p>Echoing the peasant revolutions that led to the creation of modern China, farmers are rising up against the factories they accuse of contaminating rivers and destroying their livelihoods.</p>
Jan 9, 2008   AlterNet
<p>Following PG&amp;E's bankruptcy, the private nonprofit Stewardship Council was assigned the task of conserving and reorganizing PG&amp;E's 140,000 acres located in the Sierra Nevada and Upper Cascade Mountains.</p>
Jan 8, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
<p><em>The Guardian</em> has released a list of the "50 people who could save the planet," including some urban innovators who are changing the way the world thinks about cities.</p>
Jan 7, 2008   The Guardian
<p>Years of low rainfall are causing many in California to think hard about diminishing supplies of water. In this commentary, author Peter Gleick argues that wise water use and management -- not big-scale infrastructure projects -- is the solution.</p>
Jan 7, 2008   The Los Angeles Times
<p>The reservoir at China's Three Gorges Dam will fill to capacity this year, flooding more than 400 square miles of land, including some precious historic sites.</p>
Jan 7, 2008   NPR
<p>A $1.7 billion high-rise development proposal that would jut out into the Brisbane River has prompted the protests of many planners and architects in Brisbane, Australia.</p>
Jan 5, 2008   The Australian
<p>In this interview from <em>Land&amp;People</em>, author Richard Louv discusses his research into the importance of interaction with nature in child development, and explains his concept of "nature-deficit disorder".</p>
Jan 3, 2008   Land&People
<p>The increasing populations of the world's cities have a large impact on energy use and global warming. These populations should be a major focus of efforts to address climate change, according to this article from <em>CNN</em>.</p>
Jan 3, 2008   CNN
<p>Among Alternet's top 10 positive trends in 2007 are raised environmental consciousness; U.S. mayors taking the lead in climate change regulations and a "waste-free" plan for the Indian state of Kerala.</p>
Jan 2, 2008   AlterNet