Will California gas station see queues at their pumps on December 31 as motorists seek their last fill-up before gas prices soar 15 cents per gallon, as AB 69 supporters warned? The bill died in the state legislature on August 22.
4 days ago   Los Angele Times
The Deepwater Horizon disaster presents President Obama with an opportunity to "move boldly" on alternative energy, writes Bill McKibben.
May 7, 2010   AlterNet
  What began on April 20th as a tragic industrial accident that claimed 11 lives is turning into an unprecedented ecological disaster. Opinion
May 5, 2010   By Michael Dudley
'Waste heat' is a hot area of research as an alternative energy source. Providers say they can turn excess heat produced by machines in factories into clean electricity.
May 4, 2010   greentechmedia
Today IBM is releasing a new video game called CityOne that reportedly is like SimCity but with more serious environmental and economic issues at stake. And yes, the gamer plays the role of a city planner.
May 4, 2010   Fast Company
U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar today approved the first offshore wind farm in the United States, a project that faced vocal opposition from local tribes and others.
Apr 28, 2010   The Boston Globe
Beef by-products, turned into bio-diesel, make up 20% of the fuel being used today by Amtrak's Heartland Flyer between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.
Apr 28, 2010   Fast Company
In China, an estimated 120 million electric bicycles are on the streets. So why haven't they caught on in the U.S.? Reporter Alan Durning thinks its time.
Apr 25, 2010   WorldChanging
A hotel in Copenhagen offers $40 meal vouchers for anyone who produces 10 watt hours of electricity using their wired-up stationery bicycles.
Apr 23, 2010   Next100 (PG&E blog)
Chicago City Hall boasts one of the world's most famous green roofs. As a result, the city has a reputation for being the capital of green roofs. But as architecture critic Blair Kamin notes from a bird's eye view, that's not exactly the case.
Apr 23, 2010   Chicago Tribune
A mesa in New Mexico is home to nearly 400 people, which makes up one of the largest communities of people in the U.S. living almost completely off the grid.
Apr 20, 2010   The New York Times