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Several big stories, all rolled into one, are emerging in Portland. Changes in zoning have paved the way for high-rises that are proposed for the existing location of the city's famous food stalls.
1 hour ago   The Oregonian
A case study of suburban poverty and the programs needed to help residents through tough times.
Dec 10, 2015   StarTribune
How can cities in dry climates become self-sufficient in terms of water? California based Dry Lands Institute is creating a digital design tool called Hazel that aims to address just that.
Dec 9, 2015   Doggerel
Crowdfunding platforms have attracted attention for their capacity to bring together likeminded people from far-flung corners of the world. Worth building on, however, is the ability of some platforms to bring together neighborhoods and communities. Exclusive
Dec 8, 2015  By Robert Goodspeed
Planning wonks might have felt all warm inside when they noticed zoning topics wedging their way into broader conversations about community affordability and equity. Bring it on. Finally.
Dec 8, 2015   PlaceShakers
Blog Post
New York Times columnists and critics have always figured prominently in my urban studies course reading lists, whether it's Paul Krugman advocating Old World urbanism, Blog Post
Dec 7, 2015   By Dean Saitta
A new guidebook by the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre can help improve a critical part of the job for all planners.
Dec 7, 2015   Project For Public Spaces
Known for its unique Moorish Revival architecture, and beset by a host of urban problems, the Miami suburb may have found its savior in Germane Barnes. The young architect and planner aims to revitalize the area without gentrifying it.
Dec 6, 2015   Curbed
The Innovation Team in Mobile shows that sometimes innovation can be delivered through commonplace technology.
Dec 6, 2015   Governing
Brazil is rethinking it's approach to water infrastructure. Brazilian think-tank Arq Futuro and Arup's Pablo Lazo give their take on the state of South America's most populous country.
Dec 4, 2015   Doggerel
New Ruralism is about rural communities finding new and sustainable approaches to create economic opportunities, provide livable-wage jobs, improve access to local foods, and offer better aging-in-place options.
Dec 3, 2015   Maine Association of Planners Front Page