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We would do well to withhold our praise of another seemingly new composite index such as the Social Progress Index.
2 hours ago   Thriving Cities Blog
To some, a protected bike lane saves lives; to others, it threatens the survival of a community.
Oct 27, 2015   The Washington Post
Scott Doyon shares his thoughts on last week's Oakhurst Porchfest. Potentially useful for anyone looking to launch their own version.
Oct 27, 2015   PlaceShakers
A map of Pittsburgh's food deserts illustrates a nationwide problem with food insecurity.
Oct 26, 2015   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
An in-depth study of business improvement districts (BIDs) in two Los Angeles neighborhoods examines the factors behind their success or failure.
Oct 23, 2015   Next City
As part of the city's long-term Go Boston 2030 plan, residents were consulted about what improvements they would like to see. Answers included an end to fatal crashes and better-integrated, more frequent transit.
Oct 23, 2015   Boston Globe
What implications does pedestrian activity have on urban design? Creating walkable environments for pedestrians can improve urban conditions according to Arup architect Demetrio Scopelliti. We spoke to him about upcoming research on the topic.
Oct 22, 2015   Doggerel
Call it gentrification or rebirth, but a couple's move into the Hingetown neighborhood has led to a transformation of the formerly "toxic corner" of Cleveland.
Oct 20, 2015   Vanity Fair
Blog Post
It's a question that's often asked and answered by urban planners and placemakers. Blog Post
Oct 18, 2015   By Dean Saitta
The China Railway International Group, working with the Chinese Export-Import Bank, responded to the California High-Speed Rail Authority's "expressions of interest." They teamed up with China Development Bank to beat out the Japanese in Indonesia.
Oct 18, 2015   Reuters
Just as motorists have had to learn to share the road with cyclists, California cyclists may have to do the same in sharing bikes lanes with electric skateboard riders, according to a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 11.
Oct 17, 2015   SF Gate