Community / Economic Development

December 30, 2002, 1pm PST
A diverse group of Houston residents have launched an effort to demonstrate the need for long-range planning.
The Houston Chronicle
December 30, 2002, 11am PST
You think your community is loud and noisy? Read what's it like to have one million visitors camp on your lawn for 24 hours.
The Los Angeles Times
December 30, 2002, 7am PST
A Northern California town listed on eBay, the online auction website, sold for $1.78 million.
December 28, 2002, 11am PST
Los Angeles plans to dust off a forgotten airport in Palmdale in order to distribute the region's increased demand for air travel.
The Los Angeles Times
December 27, 2002, 1pm PST
The faded Niagra Falls area is counting on the largest Indian-run gambling casino to do what years of redevelopment could not.
The Los Angeles Times
December 26, 2002, 9am PST
Lewis Mumford famously dismissed Los Angeles as '100 suburbs in search of a city'. Has Los Angeles finally found its city?
National Real Estate Investor
December 26, 2002, 7am PST
The town of Bridgeville, CA, is up for sale on EBay, the popular online auction website.
December 18, 2002, 1pm PST
Aging Providence suburb plans to completely rebuild one of its small mill villages using special tax incentives and a development partnership.
The Providence Journal
December 18, 2002, 11am PST
An ad campaign that questioned residents' committment to their city future helped draw people in to forum in Youngstown, OH.
Dayton Daily News
December 18, 2002, 8am PST
Downtown Portland's 'Smart Park' garages downtown are usd to promote local businesses. What happens if affordable short-term parking is eliminated?
The Portland Tribune
December 18, 2002, 6am PST
The nation's most infamous tenaments -- Chicago's Cabrini-Green projects -- are being torn down. 60 Minutes reports.
CBS News
December 16, 2002, 2pm PST
West University neighborhood - the most crowded and most mobile neighborhood in Eugene -- has had five riots in six years.
The Register-Guard
December 14, 2002, 7am PST
The profitable Blackstar Farms in Leelanau County, Michigan that has found a formula for agricultural success that hasnationwide significance.
Michigan Land Use Institute
December 13, 2002, 1pm PST
A book superstore would hurt homegrown businesses and the Austin economy, a study commissioned by a local nonprofit group claims.
December 12, 2002, 11am PST
This article challenges our perception of the European Union: a group of nations, or a group of regions? Expressing ideas similar to those in Joel Garreau's Nine Nations of North America, this is macro-planning at its largest.
December 12, 2002, 8am PST
Detroit's mayor announces the creation of a state park and 3-mile walkway along the Detroit River.
The Detroit Free Press
December 12, 2002, 7am PST
American retailers' adoption of cart escalators--long popular in Europe--could open up new possibilities for creating urban stores
The Los Angeles Times
December 11, 2002, 12pm PST
"Urban surgeon" Jon Jerde has plans to revitalize Sacramento's gritty downtown -- the largest undeveloped downtown land in any major U.S. city.
The Sacramento Bee
December 11, 2002, 7am PST
Bethany, OK, has drawn a fat blue line around its city limits to keep its residents from unknowingly visiting businesses outside city boundaries.
The Miami Herald
December 10, 2002, 1pm PST
Sustainable tourism and ecotourism - make way for agri-tourism.
The New York Times