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The APA Conference in Seattle, Washington had so much going on! Blog Post
Apr 25, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
<p>Some suburban school districts are dividing new high schools into smaller wings to create a tighter sense of community.</p>
Feb 28, 2007   Minneapolis Star Tribune
With the Latino population growing tremendously, it's time to begin addressing the shortcomings in the practice of planning regarding this key demographic. Exclusive
Feb 26, 2007  By Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP
For those admitted to graduate planning programs in the U.S., March is the season of choices and decisions. Offers appear. Decision deadlines approach. Wait lists are formed. Even those who thought they knew what they wanted may be tempted to change their minds. Having been affiliated with seven vastly different planning programs, and having worked both as a faculty member and practitioner, I can attest that the choices aren't simple. Blog Post
Feb 24, 2007   By Ann Forsyth
Reading news stories about planning is crucially important to the worth of planners, developers, public officials, policy makers, and anyone else who cares about the way communities form and evolve. Blog Post
Feb 24, 2007   By Nate Berg
<p>Changes in technology -- and many parents' obsessive search for the perfect school -- are enabling families to move further afield to access quality education.</p>
Feb 22, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>The university is convening a symposium with experts from around the country to chart a path for the study of historic buildings.</p>
Feb 22, 2007   By Christian Madera
<p>Planning students at the University of Oregon have partnered with consultants to examine and offer advice on plans to redevelop a Eugene street corridor as a mixed use development. The students have also held public hearings to gather resident input.</p>
Feb 11, 2007   Oregon Daily Emerald
<p>The Municipality of Wood Buffalo is looking to fill 49 new positions in its planning and development department to cope with the area's incredible growth -- a result of the tar sands boom in northern Alberta.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   Wood Buffalo Communications
<p>Rural colleges are urbanizing their campuses to stay competitive with their peers and keep up with evolving demographic preferences.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   The New York Times
<p>In hopes of inspiring future civic leaders, an innovative volunteer program teaches grade school children about how a city works.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   The San Diego Union-Tribune