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Jonathan Walters shares news of a new study out of Johns Hopkins University finding a connection between affordable housing and the intellectual ability of children. Spend more, or less, than 30 percent on housing, and intellectual ability suffers.
6 days ago   Governing
Ed Bacon, the renowned Planning Director whose face graced the cover of Time magazine in 1964 and whose design concepts shaped Philadelphia, was honored with a Pennsylvania State Historical Marker in LOVE Park.
Sep 15, 2006   The Philadelphia Inquirer
The race to paint the ivory tower "green" is underway, with colleges and universities hoping to attract students to new eco-conscious campuses.
Sep 14, 2006   Grist
A look at six programs in the U.S. that are putting environmental principles to practice in education.
Sep 12, 2006   Metropolis Magazine
We seem to be reluctant to identify our profession in clear, recognizable language, writes Eugenie Birch, FAICP, chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sep 4, 2006   Planning Magazine
While students at Thomas Jefferson High in Arlington, Virginia outperform many of their U.S. counterparts, it's not because the school has superior infrastructure. Mold, bugs and falling ceilings are common.
Aug 29, 2006   The Wall Street Journal
The Planning Report features a candid interview with Ken Bernstein, chief of Los Angeles' newly-created Planning Department's Office of Historic Preservation.
Aug 22, 2006   The Planning Report
Teenagers in Providence, Rhode Island, are getting a taste of classic planning issues.
Aug 8, 2006   Rhode Island News
The UK's National Archives publishes one of country's earliest surviving public records, the Domesday Book -- a land and property census from 1085 -- online with translations.
Aug 8, 2006   The National Archives
Margaret Dewar is a Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. She's researching why CBOs are successful or not in brownfields reuse.
Aug 5, 2006   Lincoln Institute of Lan Policy, Land Lines
From affordable housing development to the Trump Towers, the dynamic yet low profile real estate industry represents so much more than brokerage, writes James Carberry, co-author of <em>The Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate</em>, in this Op-Ed. Exclusive
Jul 5, 2006  By James Carberry