The common claim that "high-rises kill streetlife" is often incorrect. Blog Post
Jan 23, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
The Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey contains significant biases and errors. It is important that anybody working with the survey's results be aware of these problems. Blog Post
Jan 22, 2015   By Todd Litman
The urban landscape has become increasingly important for cities striving to be taken seriously on the world stage. And while creating big parks is an obvious trend, getting the small moves right can be just as important. Blog Post
Jan 20, 2015   By Mark Hough
Ann Forsyth, professor of urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, shares insight into common traits of the best educational programs in planning. Blog Post
Jan 13, 2015   By Ann Forsyth
The evolution of the development agreement reveals how its proliferation as a land use tool is a symptom of a larger struggle between increasingly complicated land use regulations, the public’s conflicting goals, and developers’ desire for certainty Blog Post
Jan 11, 2015   By Reuben Duarte
One obstacle to laissez-faire capitalism is capitalists' ability to use government to favor one competitor over another; the history of American street design provides an example. Blog Post
Jan 8, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Conventional traffic safety programs emphasize ways that individuals can help reduce their risk, but new research indicates that safety depends largely on community planning decisions that affect how and how much people drive. Blog Post
Jan 7, 2015   By Todd Litman
Rideshares like Uber and Lyft have been under attack for their brash approach to local regulations and laissez-faire pricing schemes, but they've also pushed traditional taxis to dramatically improve their service in a very short span of time. Blog Post
Jan 5, 2015   By Shane Phillips
As planners we use maps on a daily basis. This article shares how to find the date and time that a Google Earth image was taken, which can be helpful in undertaking site analysis and understanding parking utilization. Blog Post
Jan 4, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
One common argument against attempts to control sprawl near declining cities is that the problem is the fault of mismanaged city government. Blog Post
Dec 29, 2014   By Michael Lewyn