This post discusses the argument that even if Airbnb affects an extremely small portion of the rental market, it still matters because of the low vacancy rates of some cities. Blog Post
Jul 21, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Reid Ewing and Amir Hajrasouliha guest blog about their new article investigating the impact of street micro environments on pedestrian activity. Blog Post
Jul 20, 2015   By JPER
Take a walk around your downtown and what do you see. Most people are attached to their mobile phones, using them for directions, searching, and texting. See how can cities leverage digital technology to create a more engaging city center. Blog Post
Jul 17, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
Efficient and equitable urban roadway management favors higher value trips and more space-efficient modes over lower-value trips and space-intensive modes. This can justify bus lane networks in most major cities. Blog Post
Jul 17, 2015   By Todd Litman
As city planners we are increasingly recording, measuring, and organizing city data—a practice known as urban science. Learn about resources across the globe helping to better understand our cities. Blog Post
Jul 16, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
A retrospective of a billboard art exhibition at the 2013 Biennial of the Americas on the occasion of the 2015 Biennial's kick-off implicates an excellent model of citizen engagement and possibly some lessons for civic leaders and urban planners. Blog Post
Jul 15, 2015   By Dean Saitta
One common argument against allowing new housing in popular cities is that as long as rich foreigners use up the housing supply prices will never go down. Blog Post
Jul 14, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Imagine on your phone being able to wake up and with a simple click be able to arrange all of your transportation needs for the day. Soon your bus pass, carsharing pass, bikesharing pass, and your personal vehicle will go away—replaced by an app. Blog Post
Jul 14, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
Minecraft has players across the globe busy building future cities. CIties recognize the potential of MineCraft as a tool for engaging the public in imagining the future of their city. Blog Post
Jul 13, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
Do you remember going on a treasure hunt as a child? Treasure hunts are becoming increasingly popular with adults, as well as children. Technology has enabled mobile treasure hunts with cities across the world hosting hunts. Blog Post
Jul 10, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley