A proposal to limit the amount of time low-income families can live in affordable housing. Opinion
Jul 2, 2014   By Edward Poteat
Adrian Benepe was recently announced as the recipient of the 2014 Olmsted Medal. Like it or not, the well-deserved and appropriate recognition is one more in the seemingly endless list of honors for the transformation of New York's urban parks. Opinion
Jul 1, 2014   By Mark Hough
A heavily wooded park requires investments in maps and trails to be truly pedestrian-friendly. Opinion
Jun 30, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
A high school field trip in China that is hard to imagine in the United States. Opinion
Jun 26, 2014   By Lisa Feldstein
Little Tokyo in Los Angeles was selected to be part of the EcoDistrict Target City program. Global Green is excited to be part of this collaborative effort to promote neighborhood scale sustainability and further the concept of "Mottainai." Opinion
Jun 25, 2014   By Walker Wells
Chicago's complaints about the signage on Donald Trump's new tower are predictable enough. What's surprising is that the people to design buildings rarely, if ever, get the slightest recognition in the public realm. Opinion
Jun 23, 2014   By Josh Stephens
The least congested cities tend to be small, declining, and dangerous. Opinion
Jun 22, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
How can the contemporary concepts in ecology studies—adaptability, resiliency, and flexibility—advance urban planning practices? Opinion
Jun 19, 2014   By Steven Snell
Development and research projects allow small firms entry into large-scale design. Opinion
Jun 18, 2014   By Anna Bergren Miller
As cities work hard to evolve their perspective on the role of streets as public places in smarter city-making, remember this: Good cities know that streets move people, not just cars. Great cities know that streets are places to linger and enjoy. Opinion
Jun 17, 2014   By Brent Toderian