The first in a series profiling grassroots activism to increase biking among the diverse populations of Los Angeles County. In this installment, we spoke with Karen Díaz, a core member of the Ovarian Psycos bicycle brigade. Opinion
Sep 18, 2014   By Maayan Dembo
Even if new housing is expensive, it can reduce overall housing prices by causing existing units to become more affordable. Opinion
Sep 17, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Is there a sweet spot where architectural boldness and innovation meet sensitivity to local context, history, and culture? Opinion
Sep 15, 2014   By Dean Saitta
With an increasing reliance on development regulations and requirements on land owners to satisfy policy goals, are we approaching an unsustainable point in land use controls? Opinion
Sep 8, 2014   By Reuben Duarte
Nisha Botchwey and Kirsten Cook detail the articles available on the subject of green health and schools in the Summer 2014 issue of the Journal of Planning Education. (Articles mentioned in this post have Open Access through September.) Opinion
Sep 5, 2014   By JPER
Many Americans believe children should not be free to walk alone, because of crime and traffic. But children constantly driven around by their parents or locked away at home are also subject to significant risks. Opinion
Sep 3, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
With the advancement of LGBT rights and equality, the traditionally LGBT neighborhood is changing to reflect the tastes and preferences of the new LGBT community within. Opinion
Sep 2, 2014   By Reuben Duarte
A significant portion of vehicle travel consists of chauffeuring: additional travel to transport a non-driver. The new Chauffeuring Burden Index calculates its direct and indirect costs. Why do these costs receive such little attention in planning? Opinion
Sep 2, 2014   By Todd Litman
Demographia's International Housing Affordability Surveys are widely used to compare cities and evaluate urban development policies, but there are good reasons to question their analysis methods, starting with their definition of "house." Opinion
Aug 15, 2014   By Todd Litman
Classical liberal commentator F.A. Hayek argued that monomaniacal government planning would eventually lead to limits on individual freedom—and government hostility to pedestrians may be an example of this. Opinion
Aug 15, 2014   By Michael Lewyn