According to this blog post, the Aspen Ideas Festival didn't offer much that's particularly compelling, but it has its moments. Opinion
Aug 4, 2014   By Dean Saitta
While Oakland is by no means an easy place to develop real estate, the often maligned East Bay city of over 400,000 residents may very well be the Bay Area’s best place to embrace much-needed development. Opinion
Aug 4, 2014   By Reuben Duarte
Institutional structure and culture can matter as much as location to the success and survival of urban universities. Opinion
Jul 31, 2014   By Dean Saitta
What are the philosophical and practical commitments in an approach to urban planning that respects cultural differences in ways of being and building? Opinion
Jul 17, 2014   By Dean Saitta
Transit-oriented cities are safer than car-dependent cities of comparable size, especially if one considers traffic fatalities in car-dependent cities. Opinion
Jul 16, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Charlotte Fagan and Dan Trudeau (Mcalester college) study two New Urbanist neighborhoods in Minneapolis to understand the ways in which New Urbanism impacts the empowerment of women. Opinion
Jul 15, 2014   By JPER
New research can help planners understand how specific decisions will affect transport activity (how and how much people travel), and their ultimate economic, social, and environmental impacts. Opinion
Jul 14, 2014   By Todd Litman
While concern over foreign investment in the local real estate market is perfectly valid, the concern is irrelevant to the reasons and need to increase density and the supply of housing. Opinion
Jul 10, 2014   By Reuben Duarte
The most transit-oriented metro areas often have lower levels of traffic congestion than one might expect based on their size. Opinion
Jul 8, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
Through the first six months of 2014, some Planetizen posts proved less than enticing to our readers. Instead of dwelling on that distinction as ignominious, let's consider how these neglected few might provide insight into the planning discussion. Opinion
Jul 7, 2014   By James Brasuell