Smart cities around the world are finding creative ways to make walking, cycling, public transit, carsharing and delivery services more attractive and efficient. Way to go! Blog Post
Jun 26, 2015   By Todd Litman
UN-Habitat's University Network Initiative (UNI) has launched a new web portal. Blog Post
Jun 24, 2015   By Bruce Stiftel
Can cities stop growth? is there an ideal size for a city-region? What really matters is HOW a city grows big, not how big a city grows. Design matters. When people suggest a city is getting too big, shift the conversation from quantity to quality. Blog Post
Jun 16, 2015   By Brent Toderian
The ambiguous definition of 'urban decay' dilutes the argument for requiring this less-well-known environmental study. Blog Post
Jun 9, 2015   By Reuben Duarte
Cities that have recently adopted light rail sometimes actually add bus riders. Blog Post
Jun 4, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
After San Francisco Supervisors reject housing moratorium, proponents vow ballot initiative. But a moratorium is the wrong solution to the problem and would likely lead to continued price increases, condo conversions, and Ellis Act evictions. Blog Post
Jun 4, 2015   By Reuben Duarte
Planners can use building codes and design review to protect city apartments from internal and external sources of noise. Blog Post
Jun 3, 2015   By Linda Day
How do you collect public comments on a web-based PDF planning document? It should be simple. But it isn't. Blog Post
Jun 2, 2015   By Chris Steins
Common planning practices create automobile-dependent communities where driving is convenient and other forms of travel are inefficient. It's time to recognize the value of transportation diversity. Blog Post
Jun 2, 2015   By Todd Litman
It’s wise to search widely across time and space for good examples of processes and products for intercultural city building. Blog Post
Jun 1, 2015   By Dean Saitta