University of New Orleans Professor Dr. Anna Livia Brand writes about the shortcomings in the recovery planning process in post-Katrina New Orleans caused by unaddressed racial inequality. Blog Post
Sep 1, 2015   By JPER
Building on its physical assets, city planners are succeeding in efforts to bring vitality to the Uptown district in Oakland, CA by supporting new housing development and enlivening what was once a preeminent arts and entertainment district. Blog Post
Aug 31, 2015   By Linda Day
The new Urban Mobility Scorecard measures traffic congestion with greater precision, but incorrectly. As with previous editions, it exaggerates congestion costs and undervalues the congestion reduction benefits of alternative modes and Smart Growth. Blog Post
Aug 26, 2015   By Todd Litman
Joel Kotkin argues that Jane Jacobs's insights are of limited value because cities are no longer useful for middle-class families. Blog Post
Aug 25, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
The Center for Opportunity Urbanism has a wonderful goal—to improve economic opportunities for working class households—but uses terrible research to reach confusing recommendations about which policies are best. Please do better! Blog Post
Aug 20, 2015   By Todd Litman
Dr. William (Billy) Riggs guest blogs about his new research in Journal of Planning Education & Research. Dr. Riggs is Assistant Professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo focusing on quantitative community analysis and urban planning policies. Blog Post
Aug 20, 2015   By JPER
In the middle of a population boom, Texas is looking across state lines for more water. The U.S. Supreme Court said no the first time; does that mean it will say no again? Blog Post
Aug 19, 2015   By Katharine Jose
We all travel, so it's great when a handy new mobile app makes it easier to move around. Whether it is navigating the city, parking, or making our ride safer, there is likely a transportation app for that. Blog Post
Aug 18, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley
How can city hall leaders break down silos between departments and disciplines, and get to a more holistic approach to city-making? It takes more than just organizational restructuring—it takes real culture change. Here's how. Blog Post
Aug 10, 2015   By Brent Toderian
Attempts to limit new construction to preserve neighborhood character are an example of "beggar thy neighbor" politics. Blog Post
Aug 5, 2015   By Michael Lewyn