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States regulate local governments too much in some areas, but not enough in others. Blog Post
May 11, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
The newly released Los Angeles Sustainability pLAn aspires to Lead by Example by committing to STAR Communities certification by 2017. Other major cities may now feel compelled to pursue STAR as part of their sustainability plans and program. Blog Post
May 9, 2015   By Walker Wells
Income inequality, housing affordability, and residential segregation are big challenges that require more self-critical analysis and less civic self-promotion. Blog Post
May 7, 2015   By Dean Saitta
Housing policy is not just about houses, it is also about people, and the determination of who may live in a community. We challenge communities to proclaim, “Yes in our backyard! We welcome new neighbors. We favor more diversity.” Blog Post
May 4, 2015   By Todd Litman
Leading a walking tour of your neighborhood can be easy if you focus on the basic differences between types of neighborhoods. Blog Post
May 4, 2015   By Michael Lewyn
Well known planning scholar and theorist Dr. Karen Christensen, from UC Berkeley, introduces her findings from a decade of interviews with exemplary planners in the San Francisco Bay Area. Blog Post
May 4, 2015   By JPER
UN-Habitat has adopted International Guidelines for Urban and Territorial Planning intended to inform the United Nation's New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals. Blog Post
May 1, 2015   By Bruce Stiftel
A lot of people think exclusively of plants when they hear the term landscape. Without a common language to effectively describe it, the role landscape plays in the urban realm will remain undervalued. Blog Post
May 1, 2015   By Mark Hough
The enthusiasm of Detroit's new civic leadership, who engineered its bankruptcy and set up its recovery, is infectious. How the city will ultimately fare, and how other troubled cities learn from Detroit's mistakes, remains to be seen. Blog Post
Apr 29, 2015   By Josh Stephens
Every year we analyze all of the tweets from the APA Conference and tell you about the trends in planning. With 2,884 people tweeting from the APA Conference, there is a lot of great ideas, links, and pictures that we can all learn from. Blog Post
Apr 25, 2015   By Jennifer Evans-Cowley