Automobile-oriented planning requires that cities devote signifiant amounts of space to roads and parking—under many conditions each vehicle requires more land than is devoted to housing per capita. Opinion
2 days ago   By Todd Litman
The Chester Rapkin award goes to University of Oregon's Gerardo Sandoval for work on the impact of transnational communities and planning. Opinion
2 days ago   By JPER
Conservatives and liberals tend to define "racism" very differently. As a result, accusations of racism tend to be unsuccessful outside ideologically homogenous environments. Opinion
5 days ago   By Michael Lewyn
Ambitious new emission reduction targets can be met with strategies that also help achieve other economic, social, and environmental objectives. Opinion
Nov 13, 2014   By Todd Litman
The recent growth in civic innovation in city halls throughout the country has led to taxpayer investment in private sector organizations addressing social issues, but do these programs really lead to tangible, broad, citizen benefit? Opinion
Nov 12, 2014   By Maayan Dembo
A car-dependant city is at the crossroads. Can Perth, Australia, or any driving addicted city for that matter, change tracks to a multi-modal city, where good urban design is valued and walking, biking, and public transport are inviting options? Opinion
Nov 10, 2014   By Brent Toderian
In one Texas case, homeowners are suing a new apartment building for nuisance. If such suits become common, infill development will become less common, causing higher rents and more citywide vehicle traffic. Opinion
Nov 4, 2014   By Michael Lewyn
A recent study reveals that Los Angeles is the least affordable city in the country. The incentives of homeowners all but ensure that the city will never have a mandate to increase its housing supply and restore health to the city's economy. Opinion
Nov 4, 2014   By Josh Stephens
It's a provocative and rage-inducing question, but a potentially useful one for promoting discussion about the cross-cultural meaning of public space. Opinion
Nov 3, 2014   By Dean Saitta
The fourth edition of our comprehensive list of amazing Halloween costumes for urban planners. Opinion
Oct 30, 2014   By Maayan Dembo