Black Rock City is the temporary city initially designed by Rod Garrett in 1997 that springs up for the annual Burning Man festival. Each year the city expands to accommodate more people, but still retains its core utopian characteristics.
7 hours ago   Medium
The seemingly endless controversies over the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site may have encouraged members of the public to look elsewhere for ways to understand and commemorate the disaster.
Sep 7, 2006   The New Yorker
Recognized as one of the world's most influential female Arabs, architect Zena Malek has emerged as the most outspoken critic of how cities are being built in the Arab world.
Sep 7, 2006   Arabian Business
Kenya's land surveyors, town and physical planners, engineers, and architects will target Nairobi's blighted areas and try to prevent future unplanned developments.
Sep 7, 2006   The East African Standard (Nairobi), All
High-rise developments are increasing across the country, refuting many critics who predicted the end of the high rise after September 11, 2001. In San Francisco, many planners and developers want to go up in a big way, despite the terror threat.
Sep 6, 2006   The San Francisco Chronicle
A California architect is trying to recreate cities on a smaller scale in an effort to reduce the negative impacts of global warming facing the world's cities. He is called a 'visionary' by some, but criticized as unrealistic by others.
Sep 6, 2006   The Contra Costa Times
A detailed look at Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Fellowship offers new insights about the iconic architect's "unorthodox design process." It also uses "melodrama, spiritualism and sexual innuendo" to reveal rivalries and politics at his studio.
Sep 6, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Large housing developments popping up in Washington D.C. are gaining praise from the city's leadership for reinvigorating a once desolate area. But the developments are also garnering criticism for failing to weave residents in with the city.
Sep 6, 2006   The Washington Post
Americans are buying bigger homes and on average, to house fewer people. Ironically, their satisfaction in housing choice has eroded somewhat over the last twenty years.
Sep 5, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Patt Morrison asks, what if everybody owned a McMansion?
Sep 4, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
High Point in West Seattle, the country's largest urban sustainable, mixed-income community, will be host to the first ever green living expo.
Sep 2, 2006   Yahoo! News