A new exhibit at MoMA celebrates the "fitfully idealistic" architecture of Latin America, 1955 through 1980. Broad in scope, the exhibition ranges from Brasília's bold utopianism to the community-focused tactics of Bo Bardi.
4 days ago   The Economist
<p>A new film centers on the efforts of one determined inner-city resident to confront the architect who designed the low-income housing project she lives in with her family.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   The Village Voice
<p>For Sale: A spectacular apartment with 360 degrees views of Manhattan located on 5th Avenue next to Central Park. The asking price? A mere $70 million.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The New York Times
<p>At several Baltimore area universities, construction managers learn to cut costs on the fly to cope with increasing construction costs.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The Baltimore Sun
<p>The recent opening of Detroit's new modern art museum is a celebration of art and architecture for the everyday urbanist.</p>
Dec 4, 2006   The New York Times
<p>Telecommunication companies are camouflaging cell phone towers in elaborate disguises</p>
Dec 3, 2006   CBS News via YouTube
<p>One community in Georgia is making use of several masonry ordinances that require brick facades to try preserve the history and aesthetic appeal of the city.</p>
Dec 3, 2006   Georgia Municipal Association
<p>Todd Seavey believes that if Ground Zero's designers took a cue from New York City's iconic Art Deco architecture, they would be making an optimistic statement about the future.</p>
Dec 1, 2006   Reason Online
<p>Households looking for alternatives to building a new home from scratch are discovering the possibilities and cost effectiveness of modular homes.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   The New York Times
<p>A tour of Delhi, India, one of the world's fast-growing megacities.</p>
Nov 23, 2006   Urban Tours by Rental Car
<p>An automobile tour through Bangkok explores the city that epitomizes urban decentralization in Asia.</p>
Nov 21, 2006   Urban Tours by Rental Car