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Book Review Guidelines

Planetizen 2006 Book Review Guidelines

We accept book reviews of the best urban planning and development books published within the last two years (and occasionally earlier).

What book are you reviewing?

Each year, Planetizen publishes a list of the top ten planning and development books published during the course of the previous year. You can find these lists at www.planetizen.com/books. Any book on these lists published within the last two years is eligible for review. Planetizen also maintains a list of Honorable Mention books, as well as other good books that did not make the top books list. If you are interested in learning more about these other books, email [email protected] with your areas of interest to receive some ideas about books to review.

You may also propose a book to review. Any book proposed should meet the high standards of quality exhibited by the Planetizen Top Books, including important subject matter of wide-ranging interest to the planning and development community, and a reputable publisher. If you would like to propose a book to review, please email [email protected] with information on the book, its author and publisher, and why you feel Planetizen should publish its review.

What are the guidelines for the review?