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Léon Krier

Léon Krier is recognized today as one of the world's outstanding architects and urbanists. He received the inaugural Richard Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture in 2003.

From the late 1970s onwards (but especially during the 1980s) Krier has been one of the most influential neo-traditional architects and planners. He is best known for his development of Poundbury 'village' in Dorchester, UK for the Prince of Wales. In campaigning for the reconstruction of the traditional "European" city model, he has had a great influence on the New Urbanism movement, especially in the USA.

To date, apart from a temporary façade at the 1980 Venice Biennale, some minor alterations to private homes, and a bridge pavilion (picture) the only building designed by Krier to actually be built is a house in the resort village of Seaside, Florida, USA (where he also advised on the masterplan).

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