High Tech

January 30, 2015, 1pm PST
What will it take for Las Vegas to fulfill its ambitions to become a hub of the tech industry?
Las Vegas Sun
December 5, 2014, 11am PST
In an area more known for retirement communities and fixed incomes—Phoenix's Easy Valley—corridor of high tech companies has emerged along the Loop 101.
Phoenix Business Journal
December 30, 2010, 2pm PST
Austin, Texas and Baltimore, Maryland have the right stuff to woo the high-tech industry despite their modest size, says Monique Wassenaar Silverio.
Area Development Online
June 25, 2009, 11am PDT
Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood is developing into a new high-tech hub in the city.
The New York Times
Blog post
March 6, 2009, 12am PST

Once again, US Air (a.k.a. US-SCARE) has made my life difficult. I was hoping to fly back from Myrtle Beach, SC to Denver yesterday and they cancelled my flight (Myrtle Beach is where the GeoTools conference was and a meeting of the Ecosystem Based Management Tools Network).  

Ken Snyder