March 1, 2009, 9am PST
The new federal budget represents a broad increase in funding for urban programs. New York in particular is to benefit greatly from the new spending plan.
New York Daily News
February 23, 2009, 8am PST
As the economy dives and housing values plummet, revenue from property taxes is expected to fall over the next few years, making things tough for many cities.
January 28, 2009, 6am PST
The Budget tabled by Canada's Conservative government doles out billions of dollars for infrastructure and housing, but it comes with a proviso: the Provinces and municipalities have to ante up billions as well.
The Globe and Mail
December 2, 2008, 11am PST
Tough economic times spell troubles for city budgets. One way to cut back on costs is to rethink operation of seemingly untouchable public safety services like police and firefighters, according to this column from Neal Peirce.