Height Limits

October 16, 2011, 1pm PDT
In the dense center of Mexico City, an architect has proposed a 65-story building - straight down.
The Mail Online
July 18, 2011, 6am PDT
MIMBYs? Seattle plans to build a one-story light-rail station in the Roosevelt neighborhood's commercial district, but locals are fighting for greater density and reducing zoning restrictions on the site.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
March 16, 2011, 7am PDT
The Seattle City Council is considering allowing buildings of up to 150 ft. in parts of the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Some say the scale is out of character; others say, not high enough!
The Seattle Times
December 20, 2010, 11am PST
With new skyscrapers planned for Vancouver, some citizens are getting worried about preserving the mountain views. Not to worry, says planning director Brent Toderian.
The Vancouver Sun
December 17, 2010, 7am PST
Looking at a battle earlier this year over a proposed 430-ft. high skyscraper in San Francisco, John Parman says the problem with dense buildings is that they need to work with the surrounding place types.
Living Urbanism
November 29, 2010, 10am PST

Is Paris for sale to the highest bidder?

Mary Campbell Gallagher
May 27, 2009, 6am PDT
A battle over the height of a proposed skyscraper in San Francisco emphasizes the need for an update to the city's 25-yr old plan, says critic John King.
San Francisco Chronicle
November 10, 2008, 12pm PST
In what may prove a decisive test to see the political limits of what green building offers developers, a LEED Platinum, 10-story office building is proposed along San Francisco's tightly regulated waterfront - exceeding the height limit by 40 feet.
San Francisco Chronicle