Starter Homes

Wall of colorful sneakers for sale at a shoe store.

Explaining the Housing Market via Footwear

What the shoe industry can teach us about the housing crisis.

January 3, 2024 - Strong Towns

Blue small sedan in driveway of ranch-style one-story home with light green walls and dark brown garage door and trim.

Opinion: Why ‘Starter’ Homes and Cars are Both Disappearing

How lower-income consumers are being priced out of accessible options.

October 23, 2023 - Discourse Magazine

First-Time Buyers

The Vanishing American ‘Starter Home’

Rising land costs, expensive materials, and onerous building and lot size requirements are making it harder to build small, affordable ‘starter homes’ in the United States.

September 28, 2022 - The New York Times

New York City, New York

Queens Losing its Place as a Home for Immigrants

As non-owner-occupied homes increase in number in Queens neighborhoods, it's becoming harder for immigrants to afford a first home.

December 7, 2019 - Next City

First-Time Buyers

Investment Money Cornering the Real Estate Market

With so many institutional investors buying homes, it's hard for first-time homebuyers to find space in the housing market.

June 21, 2019 - The New York Times

Wealthy Neighborhood

Looking for a Starter Home in Dallas? Good Luck

According to a new study, fewer than 10 percent of homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are priced for first-time buyers.

May 1, 2018 - The Dallas Morning News

Detroit's Regional Housing Construction Industry Shifts Toward Multi-Family

Apartment construction was the most widespread form of construction in Southeast Michigan during 2017, according to a recent report.

April 29, 2018 - The Detroit Free Press

California House

Starter Homes Are a Non-Starter

As prices rise, especially in desirable urban markets, what used to be called "starter homes" rarely come up for sale. And when they do, they go for more than first time home-buyers can afford.

April 13, 2016 - The Washington Post

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