Traffic Cameras

Yellow and black stoplights on horizontal post with small traffic camera.

Study Assesses Attitudes on Traffic Cameras in Boston’s Black Communities

Residents are wary of the new technology’s potential for surveillance, but support boosting enforcement while reducing interaction with police.

November 24, 2023 - Streetsblog Massachusetts

Yellow and blue novelty New York state license plate with NEW YORK plate.

NYC Speed Cameras Tricked by Souvenir License Plates

A new way to skirt the city’s speeding laws: novelty license plates.

October 5, 2023 - StreetsBlog NYC

Silver and red WMATA public bus at station in Washington, D.C.

D.C. Delays Bus Lane Enforcement

The program using cameras to ticket drivers who block bus lanes was scheduled to begin this week.

September 22, 2023 - DCist

View of U.S capitol dome at night with blurred traffic in foreground

Opinion: D.C. Should Go All in on Traffic Cameras

More widespread deployment of automated enforcement sensors could change the system from one of high fines and sparse enforcement to one that encourages more extensive behavior change.

August 22, 2023 - Greater Greater Washington

Traffic light on overhead pole with traffic camera and "Photo Enforced" sign

Seattle To Expand Traffic Camera Program

The new cameras are designed to reduce travel time for buses and limit speeding at dangerous intersections.

August 16, 2023 - The Urbanist

Close-up of speed camera mounted above roadway with red car passing by underneath

California Speed Camera Bill Advances to Senate

The bill authorizing automated traffic cameras in six test cities passed by a large margin in the State Assembly.

June 13, 2023 - Los Angeles Daily News

Automated traffic enforcement camera mounted above roadway with blurred image of roadway and cars below

California Traffic Camera Bill Clears Committee

The bill, aimed at testing speed cameras in the state to improve traffic safety, will go to the full State Assembly for a vote.

May 25, 2023 - Streetsblog California

Washington, D.C. Bus Lane

D.C. Bus Cameras Will Ticket Drivers Blocking Bus Lanes, Bus Stops

The program will mark the first use of automated enforcement to ticket vehicles blocking access to bus stops.

April 12, 2023 - DCist

Two white traffic enforcement cameras above a road in Ottawa, Canada with a colorful multistory building in background

Study: Traffic Cameras Reduce Speeding, Crashes

Analysis of the automated enforcement program in Ottawa, Canada shows a significant drop in speeding near traffic cameras.

April 5, 2023 - CBC News

Buses in downtown Seattle on the dedicated 3rd Avenue bus lanes

Seattle Bus Lane Cameras Capture Over 100,000 Violations

An automated traffic enforcement pilot program caught drivers illegally using transit lanes more than 110,000 times in less than a year.

March 28, 2023 - Axios

View of Ohio Statehouse with statue

Ohio Budget Could Fund Rural Roads, Ban Center Bike Lanes

Amendments proposed in the state budget would also prohibit automated traffic enforcement and allow residents to travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean with Real IDs in lieu of passports.

February 23, 2023 - The Plain Dealer

"Bike Lane Closed" and "Utility Work Ahead" signs on Chicago bike lane

Chicago Bike Lane Enforcement Proposal Draws Criticism for not Addressing Structural Flaws

A new ordinance would use automated enforcement to ticket drivers who block bike lanes, but some bike advocates say the city is avoiding the harder work of improving its bike infrastructure.

February 9, 2023 - Block Club Chicago

Stoplight with two lights and mounted traffic camera against blue sky with white clouds

Making Traffic Camera Programs Work

Although controversial in the United States, when deployed thoughtfully, automated enforcement can save lives and make roads safer for all users.

December 15, 2022 - Streetsblog USA

Automated enforcement sign for dedicated bus lane in Manhattan, New York.

New York To Crack Down on Bus Lane Blocking Violations

The city hopes to improve the speed of its notoriously slow buses by using traffic cameras to ticket drivers who drive or park in dedicated bus lanes.

September 8, 2022 - Politico

View from behind three traffic cameras at night on busy freeway

Philadelphia Deems Speed Camera Project a Success

City officials say an automated traffic enforcement pilot program has reduced speeding and crashes along the corridor where cameras were installed.

August 18, 2022 - ABC 6

A rider on a Citibike on a bike lane in New York City

New York Could Use Cameras To Keep Drivers Out of Bike Lanes

A proposed state bill would permit New York City’s transportation department to install up to 50 cameras that would monitor bike lane violations, with drivers that block bike lanes facing a $50 fine.

July 26, 2022 - CityLab

Washington D.C.

D.C. Could Expand Traffic Camera Program

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants to add hundreds of new traffic enforcement cameras to stem the city's rising rate of traffic fatalities.

March 25, 2022 - The Washington Post

Chicago Transit Authority

Chicago Traffic Cameras Issue Most Tickets to Black and Latino Drivers

The city's controversial traffic camera program tickets Black and Latino motorists more than white drivers. Infrastructure may play a role in why.

February 2, 2022 - ProPublica


Arlington County Authorizes Speed Cameras

The Arlington County board approved a program that will install traffic cameras in an effort to protect pedestrians and reduce police interactions.

January 30, 2022 - ARLnow

Bus Stop and Bike Lane

Traffic Camera Revenues to Fund Capacity-Building Programs in Washington State

Revenue from Washington's traffic enforcement cameras will go in part toward efforts to assist small communities in applying for grants and accessing funding opportunities.

January 18, 2022 - The Urbanist

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